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We are manufacturer and supplier for CAV in China.Our CAV absolutely can fit your need with high quality and reasonable price. From raw materials to finished products, we strictly control every production step.
Any need of CAV, please email us.
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Step Swirl Diffuser FK-JT Step Swirl Diffuser FK-JT
• Material: aluminum • Colors: not paint in general • Features: -Four sections on the panel for blowing to produce swirl air -Every section blade is vertical to each other -Seams on the panel guaranteeing horizontal blow -Panel fixed to the internal beam by central bolt -Tri...
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Chair diffuser FK-ZY/250 Chair diffuser FK-ZY/250
• Material: steel • With powder-coated or anodized • Confirmation: bearing and undearing • Colors: white and RAL 9010 • Very low noise • Air flow is has a low flow speed, direction of air flow is as level as the floor, which is radial • Diffuser connect with leg of...
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Slot Diffuser FK-TF3/2S/1000*69 Slot Diffuser FK-TF3/2S/1000*69
• Adjustable blade • Can be widely used in hotel, theater, library and airport waiting room • Used vortex to control the slot air diffuser of the air current • Strong lead function and uniform mixed airflow • Can regulate the wind trough angle and change the wind direction &...
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Displacement flow diffuser FK-ZH/900 Displacement flow diffuser FK-ZH/900
three models: 900 constructionfor corner installation 1800 construction for wall installation 3600 construction for free-standing installation Low supply air volume rate and low noise It is easy to knock down and wash the panel to guarantee the effective supply air . Material :galvanization Diffus...
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Fixed swirl diffuser Square A type FK-YXIA/Q/125 Fixed swirl diffuser Square A type FK-YXIA/Q/125
• Size: neck and face size (diameter) can be as customer's requirements • Neck size are 123, 158, 198, 248, 313, 398 in general • Face size: 598 in general • Materials: aluminum with powder coated • Colors: white, RAL 9010; we can also follow customer requirements • Fea...
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